(English: Unconditional) A Short Film exploring how a father deals with raising his child in a foreign country after his wife's death.

Date: June 2020

Client: Beate Sneidere

Roles: Titles & Credits Designer

Director: Beate Sneidere

Producer: José Freitas

DOP: Daniel A Sarpong

Production Design: Linda Vilka

Sound Design: Adam Loxton

Editor: Wilf Harrison-Pettit

In a dystopian, alternate reality where music has been made illegal, Billie is faced with a difficult decision after she becomes involved with an underground music rebellion.

Date: May 2020

Client: On The Fly Films

Roles: Colourist | Titles & Credits Designer

Director: Millie Everett

DOP: Nathan Bourn

Production Design: Thomas Cemlyn-Jones

Sound Design: Holly Choules

Editor: Cordelia Gayler

Doomzday - Owen Petch

Date: March 2019

Client: Owen Petch

Roles: Motion Graphics Designer