Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City

Trailer GFX Recreation & Localisation

On this campaign I oversaw the GFX team that localised the graphics inserts across two trailer launches for this title. This included lower thirds, internal cards, title treatments, endcards, and bumper cards in 16X9, 4X5, and 9X16 formats for online and theatrical release.

I recreated the GFX style using client provided assets and collects to make them editable for localising, before turning them into templates for the rest of my team to use.

Featured are some of the title treatments I localised.

Software: After Effects


  • Red Giant

    • Magic Bullet Looks

    • Mojo

  • Boris

    • Sapphire





Dynamic Caption Creation & Localisation

For this campaign, I created the dynamic caption style used on the 4X5 formats of Domestic Trailer C and Domestic Trailer F. I presented Head Office with 3 different styles, with the final, third choice - which is inspired by the graphics from the original game - being chosen.

Featured is the original domestic dynamic captions for Trailer C and the localised versions of Trailer C for Mexico and Spain.

Software: After Effects


  • Video Copilot

    • Saber

Trailer C

Trailer F